College Application & Essay Workshops

Our program guides college-bound students through the application and essay process. COME TO OUR WORKSHOPS AND complete applications and essays by OCTOBER 1ST.


We focus on:

  • the application

  • the essay

  • scholarships

To maximize time during our sessions, we ask students bring the following to the workshop:

  • a laptop

  • SAT/ACT scores

  • writing samples (essays and creative pieces only; no research papers please.)

  • transcripts

  • top 5 school choices, including a dream school.

  • potential scholarship applications

For more info call 239-317-2906 or email



Here is a typical agenda for our college application workshop. 

15 min

Introduction and objectives 

1 hour

Go over and select essay prompts/topics

Brainstorm ideas

Map the essay

1 hour