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College Application & Essay Workshops

Our program guides college-bound students through the application and essay process. COME TO OUR WORKSHOPS AND complete applications and essays by OCTOBER 1ST.

Our next college application and essay workshop is on September 18, 2018 (5-7PM)


NavaED University Packages



It's important that students are focused from the very beginning of high school. We help our freshmen students start their academic career off right through goal setting, progress monitoring, academic coaching, and resume building. If your student has ambitious goals, it's best to start early.


At this time, students are aware of what needs to be done to succeed. Academic coaching is helpful to maintain an exemplary GPA. Some students will want to get a jump on the ACT or SAT. Sophomore year is for mapping a plan to maximize success throughout the next 3 years. 


This is the year to amp up academics and college exams. This time in our students' career they are rigorously prepping for ACT and SAT. Students are also zeroing in on what colleges they want to apply. Junior year is the most important year in a student's high school academic career.


By now students are applying to colleges, fixing up their resumes, and writing essays for college entrance and scholarships.  At this time in their academic career, students are fine tuning their resumes and writing to maximize opportunities for acceptance and for financing.